Not receiving calls, antennas "going dormant"?


Jun 15, 2021
I have a Mi 8 running MIUI 12.0.4. The overall problem is that when people call me, it is not ringing my phone, and it doesn't even show up in my call log so the only way I know if someone calls me is if they leave a voicemail. Also, when I call someone or when I actually do get a call, about 75% of the time it drops after exactly 2 or 3 minutes.

There's a bit more conditions to the problem however. It's as if my antennas are getting put to sleep after a certain period of time. If my phone is unlocked, I will get calls. If I lock my phone and get a call within 5 minutes or so, it'll ring. If 10 minutes go by though, and someone calls, my phone won't ring. But once I open my phone again, it'll typically ring if someone calls again. And just when it seems to follow a pattern to a T, it still has it's discrepancies and I'll get calls when I haven't touched my phone in a while, or I'll be holding my phone unlocked and someone will call me and I won't get it. But for the most part it follows this pattern.

I've checked every setting I can find, I've made sure my phone is updated, I even wiped EVERYTHING and re-flashed MIUI (went from 12.0.3 to 12.0.4) and that still didn't help. I know it's not my carrier (T-Mobile) or my SIM card bc I put my mom's SIM in my phone and my SIM in hers and ran the same "wait 10 minutes and call" test and my phone didn't ring with her SIM in it.

Does anyone know anything about this problem and how to fix it? I haven't seen anything similar online. Thanks.
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