Note 10 Pro - Filetransfer via Bluetooth renames file from img_the-date.jpg to 123456978.jpg


Oct 16, 2023
Redmi Note 10 Pro
Android 13 TKQ1.221013.002
Started with factory settings March 2023.

I recognized that whenever I transfer a file (a picture) via Bluetooth to my Windows Laptop the filename changes.
Instead of IMG_20231016_113645.jpg i get 1694172562038.jpg.
This also happens via "Share nearby" which in fact also uses bluetooth.

I am wondering to find pretty less about this. The only two other threads I found are telling, that the number is attached to the original name.
So instead of IMG_20231016_0123456.jpg they get IMG_20231016_113645_1694172562038.jpg.
Since this presumes the date and time I could live with that.
But in my case is whiping this information completely from the filename.

I am not going to search fo a solution like: bulk-rename the files afterwards from exif-data. I know that and already did this. But that is annoying.
I am also not going for a custom rom.
I hope there is a better way.

Thanks for any help.