New notification issues in miui 14

Sorry, but where can i find "Smart Scenes"?
Settings, battery, battery optimization settings, then right at the bottom, scenarios.

Disable that. Loads of niggles in these ROMs, which mostly seem to just be how they work.

Settings, battery, battery optimization settings, then right at the bottom, scenarios.

Disable that. Loads of niggles in these ROMs, which mostly seem to just be how they work.

I never aktivated this......
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Hi guys

This is the most comprehensive thread i´ve found regarding these notificacion issues, so i decided to write about my experience so far.

I recently bought a Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G, i´ve been using a LG G7 for a few years and although experience was great, specially for music listening purposes, it was clear i needed way more juice for my daily routines.

I received the Xiaomi on tuesday, and basically first thing i did was to perform a clean update, phone was on MIUI 13 and i´m now running MIUI 14.0.3 Global, TKTEUXM, Android 13 TP1A.220624.014, Android security patch 01/02/23m model is 21091116UG.

Then i´ve performed a clean install all of my apps and my data, i didn´t want to use my Google backup.

Once i´ve finished and i was all set and done...immediately noticed about the notificacion issues, read about them...and end up here.

I wish i had knew earlier.

I had all the issues that have been described here, regarding the lock screen (missing notifications and animation for notifications not working properly), this thing just don´t work properly, behaviour is sooooo random.

All the app settings, permissions, security settings and battery settings, i don´t even use they are all ok.

I have to say that i used a custom lock screen app available on Play Store, and et voilá, all active notifications were just there, some of those from some apps that never showed up on the Xiaomi lock screen.

So it´s obvious Xiaomi issue.

I can see this has been happening for months already, so since i can still return the phone, in order to make an informed decision i have a few questions :

-Did notifications and screen animation worked properly on previous MIUI versions?, unfortunately i didn´t have the time to check MIUI 13.

-How often does Xiaomi perform MIUI updates?, some of you guys already complained about this beginning of 2023...i don´t know if i´m willing to wait for

-Is there any dev rom working properly where these issues have been totally fixed?

As i mentioned, i was using this old LG G7 and never had an issue with notifications, i also own a Galaxy Tab S6 and i can say the same, works flawlessly.

This issue unfortunately is a deal breaker for me.
I had notification delays on wifi only.
I've just disabled IPv6 in my router. Pb solved.
That being said, team should fix this issue...

Xiaomi 13, rom latest stable (

Edit: it's better now but still have notification delays...
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Notifications cannot be enabled in some apps... How to solve the problem?


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not sure if someone mentioned this "fix" , I was without messenger notifications for so long now, tried all possible advices.

what helped me, was to switch the style of notifications from Android to MIUI, hope this helps to someone too .

EDIT: it looks like it helped a little, but again, did not recieve notification for messenger, I m completely hopeless at this point, definately my last Xiaomi or Poco phone
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