Feb 5, 2023

I have the Xiaomi 12S Pro running Xiaomi HyperOS Beta. And I thought that not making my notification visible on the lockscreen was very handy.
So I changed the Lock Screen Notifications setting to "Show Notifications but hide content" But after awhile I found it to be annoying, so I turned it off again by selecting "Show Notifications and content" But for some reason it still hides all the content, I did a restart of the phone, changing the settings once again but I can't seem to make it visible again.
Is there something that I missing here?


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Xiaomi 12, same ROM. I don't have your problem. Changing the setting works.


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Same ROM, Mi 12 5G, same problem.
I figured it out! I had the toggle enabled at the face lock.
There is an option when you go to face lock called: Show notifications details after verifying face data.
This was on, I turned it of and it worked!