1. L

    Notifications not visible on lockscreen

    Hello, I have the Xiaomi 12S Pro running Xiaomi HyperOS Beta. And I thought that not making my notification visible on the lockscreen was very handy. So I changed the Lock Screen Notifications setting to "Show Notifications but hide content" But after awhile I found it to be...
  2. lato_o

    New Lockscreen wallpaper not saved

    When I apply a wallpaper with backdrops or any other wallpapers apps. After a few time or a reboot the lockscreen wallpaper turning back into the default wallpaper locksceen. I don't have this problem when I apply a MIUI wall
  3. J

    TTS goes from online to offline voice minutes after screen turns off then stops

    I have used eReader Prestígio and Speech Recognition and Synthesis by Google to listen to books every day for years and had nothing but positive reviews to share. A few days ago, however, that changed. After the screen goes off, the TTS goes on functioning perfectly as usual until, a few...
  4. V

    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with xiaomi.eu ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  5. V

    New Lock screen notifications

    Hello Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G and running xiaomi.eu rom stable. The problem is that even though i have lockscreen notifications enabled, my lockscreen doesent show notifications. The only thing i think might cause problems is the super walpaper that im using. The weird thing is that...
  6. M

    Invalid Double notifications on lockscreen using 3rd party themes (VEUXG)

    My device is showing the theme notifications AND system notification at the same time. No matter what 3rd party theme i use, the result is the same. MIUI EU 13.0.4 VEUXG Note 11 Pro 5g. Android 12. Tried different versions of MIUI systemui plugins to see if i could solve it but no luck. Could...
  7. E

    New Mi8 SE Animation İssue When Locking Screen

    A bug that started 1 week ahead. When the AOD is activated from the phone, the notification bar is black before locking and then the screen turns off when locking the screen. AOD uses lock animation as usual when inactive. Problem with AOD settings. The notification bar does not look nice when...
  8. U

    New notification screen issue

    Hi, I know that lockscreen notifications are gone once you unlock the phone. This is a different issue on lockscreen. Gmail and some other icons are not there all the time (calendar, alarm clock, etc have also he same behavior). Here you can see the video how Gmail works. The icon appears and...
  9. C

    Phone screen wakes up around once an hour on its own? Help?

    Hi there, I installed the latest stable (OEICNFH) for whyred, and I noticed that after a completely clean install, the phone seems to "wake up" around once an hour as if I touched the home button. I've done another CLEAN flash (wiping everything), and left it there and still it...
  10. S

    Lockscreen Notification

    Hi, I'm new to the MIUI world and I flashed MIUI 10 EU stable some days ago. I tried in all ways to expand notifications from the lockscreen to read the whole content, but without any luck. I searched on Google and I only found old posts for olds MIUI versions. Isn't really possible to do it...
  11. A

    New Miui 10 Redmi note 5 bug lockscreen notification

    Hello, I upgraded the system from beta version to stable thinking to fix the bug of the notifications (Whatsapp) in the lockscreen. After the transition to stable, however, I always encountered the same problem and I still do not see any notification regarding the application whatsapp. Doing...
  12. H

    New Mi music and lockscreen

    the application mi music does not show the playback notification in the lockscreen, i thought that fix in the version 8.9.13 8in a xiaomi redmi 3s, HM3SHM3X)i saw the bug from the version 8.9.6 on the same device but i don't know if it was before
  13. O

    Lockscreen Password Isn't Recognized Anymore

    Hi community, my Redmi Note 3 from 2/2017 doesn't recognize my unlock password on lockscreen anymore after accidentally entering Fastboot mode on phone and then rebooting normally. The phone is completely stock with locked bootloader (I think they all are in stock) and USB debugging disabled...
  14. B

    Xiaomi Redmi Pro Lockscreen Code Not Working

    Hi, My Xiaomi Redmi Pro is not working, I need to give my passcode on the lockscreen to get in my phone but for some reason it doesn't work even though it is the right code, I tried a few times and not it's locked for 120 minutes... I don't want to lose all my pictures and stuff... is there a...
  15. joako

    Notifications On Lockscreen

    Hey there, i'm a new Xiaomi user. I got a mi5 a week ago, and i've been using it without any problem. The thing is, I cant see my notifications on my lockscreen. I see them in the status bar, but, is there a way of having them displayed ON the lockscreen? What am i missing? Also, 7.5.4 installed.
  16. D

    Sometime Can't Unlock The Lockscreen

    Hello everyone I got Mi4c 3GB version for a couple moth. it's come with eu rom 8.0.4 At first everything go fine. all start in last week when i not use phone for hour and wake it from sleep. I can't unlock the lockscreen with same finger that double tap to wake its. Need to use finger from...
  17. A

    New Freezes After Changing Theme

    RedMi Note 2 16 Gb, MIUI v. 6.9.8 weekly Freezes after changing theme. I press apply, interface changes and near the 2-3 minutes it's freezes when I try to unlock phone. It freezes on second or third locking-unlocking. Disabling lock screen via developers menu didn't help Bug was in previous...
  18. S

    Reset Pattern Or Pin Lock Without Data Loss.

    I'll show you two solution. If you logged in into MIUI account. Reboot you phone into TWRP (sound up + power) (any recovery with file manager should be ok) Select File Manager Goto /data/system Remove these files: gesture.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-shm, locksettings.db-wal (to...
  19. R

    Customising The Lockscreen - How Can I Increase Lock Pattern Size?

    I have customised my Redmi Note 2 by editing system/build.prop to change screen density. This is great, but it does make the lock pattern too small. Can this be changed? For instance, is there a 'com.miui.lock' file I can customise and put in /system/media/theme/default/, like I do with...
  20. djhh99

    "can't Load Image" Error Changing Background

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since i tried to change the background of the lockscreen of my Redmi note 3 (Mtk 3gb Ram) I tried 2 different roms (One official and one official modded "multilang") When i try to change it from the settings amd either from the gallery pop ups a black screen...