notifications on lockscreen

Feb 2, 2013
i'm new here so i'll apologise in advance for noobish questions.

i have a samsung galaxy s captivate i897 rooted running cyanogen mod & miui. i bought the phone this way didnt do it myself.
the miui ui is fantastic :D

i noticed on some lock screens when i press the pwer key to wake it up i can see any notifications i have (eg whats app msg icon, text msg icon, fb notification) and on some i dont get this i only see the features of the locksreen.
why is this?
annoyingly the theme i want to set for my lock screen is one that doesnt show the notifications meaning to check if i ihave a text etc i have to fully unlock to the homescreen which can be a bit of a pain in the a$$ if i want to just check my phone quickly.

i just wondered if this is something i can change or is it dependent on how the theme is built?

i'm on android version 2.3.7
the theme i want to use for lockscreen is "RD's dark orange v2.1" (so if anyone knows of anything that looks similar but does show notifications on lockscreen feel free to recomend it)
i also like "Sleek HD" theme but again same problem so again if you know something similar.... :]