Official MIUI for U8800?


Aug 5, 2011
When is expectable the official port of MIUI for Huawei Ideos X5 (U8800)?
Now that Stockwell stopped developing hes own port we won't have any more upgrades.

Its about time something is officially done as there U8800 is already a very big and cooperative community.

Hope to hear good news in the near future about this.

I've sent to him a pm asking for the source code of that project so we can restart is work.
i was seeing is github and find some cool things , but lacks with the source code of MIUI.
Just have a word with him as I think he is whiling to share all information for those who wish to continue his work.

I don’t understand nothing about programming but if I can help in any way don’t hesitate in ask.
Also, the people from were using Stockwell’s version as base for Portuguese translation. I’m sure there’s people there also whiling to help. ;)

Stockwell’s last release, 1.11.4, is almost flawless as everything is working, usb and wifi tethering, etc.

Acho que te conheço do forum androidpt eheheh
eheh great news , see the message that i've send to you in your profile :p. Btw how can i talk with him ?