Official Multilanguage Miui 9 For 2014813 (workaround)

Nov 24, 2017
Hey Redmi 2 XTDPro guys,

i see that many here are sad because of no more support for our great device.

Well i got it to run with official global MIUI 9 weekly from

The Rom is multilanguage.

The problem is, that this Rom is made for 2014811 or wt88047 device. You can install it on 2014813 (wt86047) but you will have no network. To solve this Problem it is necessary to flash the correct Modem from wt86047 back to your device via fastboot. If you only flash the modem it wont harm the rest of the system.

Its quite easy thing, and if you want i can provide the Modem file and a detailed guide here in the next days.
Nov 26, 2013
Thanks for the info. Woks fine. I have installed latest global dev ROM (7.11.16) and it is very fast. Two problems only: unlock the screen take 4 o 5 sec. and it is old ROM, no updates in 15 months. Too it is a Lollipop ROM.
Testing NX ROM (Android 7) and no bugs at the moment