Pad 4 was supposed to get MIUI 12, but now it got delisted?


May 27, 2017
Can any one confirm Pad 4 from MIUI 12 update list? I am sure I heard it from several sources we were getting new MIUI.

Now it's removed from the 2020 schedule.
I'm kinda curious as to where those sources got their info as I thought Xiaomi had yet again given up on tablets as there's been no beta Miui 11 ROM for ages.
you can get a Miui12 MOD from Redmi Note 7 for Mipad4:
(China Dev, so english and chinese only)
A shame for Xiaomi to not update a product after 1 year. Now as they're one of the first on the market, they apply a ****** politic.
Time to look for another brand, as realme maybe...
This mod has the fingerprint reader not working. it's really annoying.
I prefer the lineageos. it seems tobe based on the Mi6X with everything working and stock android 10