PC App to easily translate apks and roms


Dec 26, 2010
Hi, guys. Here I have another version of my program. Now I think we could say the first stage is already finished. Now it's prepared to work as follows:

First of all you must select an apk to translate.
Then you have 3 options:
- Select nothing as old apk version if it's a new translation (not an update)
- Select the same apk as old apk version to edit a previous translation (edit, not update)
- Select an old version as old version to update it

After that, you can press already the "Iniciar traducción" button to start the translation. It will displays the strings.xml (and arrays.xml if it exists) in the text area objects. Then you can modify the file (in this version it only saves it in values-es directory, spanish. In next version you will be able to select and add your own language to the program and apk files).
When you have translated the files you must select a backup dir (I will explain this right now), you can select the "Firmar apk" box if you want the apk to be signed (some of them are installables if signed, others not) and you can press the "Finalizar traducción" button to end the translation.

VERY IMPORTANT: the backup directory must be similar as the next example:
- backup dir
   - apk A dir
      - ficheros
         - originales
         - guardados
   - apk B dir
   - apk C dir
As you can see, in the APK A dir there is a directory "ficheros" (you can create it or not, but if you want to save modified files, you must read this). Here is where we will put our modified files in two directories: original files in "originales" and modified files in "guardados" with the same path as in the APK. For example, if we edit the "apk/res/drawable-hdpi/file.png" file we must copy it in "ficheros/originales/res/drawable-hdpi/file.png" and we must paste the modified file in "ficheros/guardados/res/drawable-hdpi/file.png".
The program will list all the files in "originales" and look for changes in the new versions of the apk. If there are no changes, it will paste the modified files into the apk. If the original files changed, it will displays a warning message (it should now wait for you to make the changes, but I think it doesn't work yet :p).
Then, it will backup de original file in the backup directory with a timestamp in the filename, and it will override the original file with de translated version.

Well, here you have the new version. Comments are welcome, as usual.


- added saving modified files function
- changed backup syntax of the file

If you want, I can help you! But I think java isn't the good language... try with vb.net or C#

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I am programming it in java because I am a linux user and I know there are a lot of people that use windows, so it's better in a multi platform language (and also the program is more than 2000 lines long right now, it would be a lot of work to port it now xD)
What I have is a little question. I am having a lot of troubles to sign apk so I could install them as a normal app, and not pushing it into a ROM. Is there any standard way to sign them so I can install them in the normal way?
There is a tool... but I think It's only for Windows...

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Well done sparkster, i still prefer looking over the files, call it the hacker in me, I just feel nervous of automation in things like this, especially if something is translated wrongly like %1$s etc.

Be interesting to see what comes of this, +1 from me!
I have the signapk.jar (my program uses it) and it works with some of the apps, but not all
What I have is a little question. I am having a lot of troubles to sign apk so I could install them as a normal app, and not pushing it into a ROM. Is there any standard way to sign them so I can install them in the normal way?

You have to inject resources.arsc and classes.dex into the original apk, as yet we've not figured out a way to sign newly created apks to function. Some work, some dont, its a very strange setup.

Also they use test-keys, I think a case of their keys are needed to sign with. Signing is easy enough though just these apks dont lend themselves to it that well.


Consigo traduzir 1 aplicativo do inglês ao Português do Brasil ?

============= Google Translate English ================

An application can translate from English into Portuguese of Brazil?

============= Google Translate Spanish ================

Una aplicación puede traducir del Inglés al portugués de Brasil?

PD: Bueno aporte.
in this version it only translates into spanish, but don' t worry, in the next update it will be able to translate into any language. Please, stay tunned.

Nesta versión só traduce a español, pero non se preocupe, na próxima actualización traducirá a calquera idioma. Por favor, esté atento.

nesta versão somente se traduz em espanhol, mas não se preocupe, na próxima atualização será capaz de traduzir em qualquer idioma. Por favor, fique ligado.
Any news for other language ?

Sorry, I am a little bit delayed because I am also working in an android app and I have little time, but don't worry, as soon as I have an update, I will post here. The next update will be able to translate into any language, as I see is the favourite feature.
I'm very sorry, folks, but for personal reasons I can't continue with the development of this program. Anyway, here you have the last version and the source code, so if anybody wants to continue, you're welcome.
Only a little condition: it's published under GPL license, so you must include the source code and also my name as the first programmer (just the GPL terms). Here you have it: