peculiar Wifi / hotspot problems Mix1


Dec 2, 2017
I'm not posting this as a "bug", though I assume it is, but probably nothing Xiaomi EU can fix.
I'm looking for anyone having similar problems.

1. My Mix1 lithium will about 20% of the time pick a 5GHz wifi channel for its hotspot that my other phones can't see.

It's possible that no channel is active at all, of course - I can't see it.

This is easily fixed (easily for me, but not my wife) by toggling the hotspot off and on again, and it will eventually pick a different channel that works.

This problem is the same on my Mi Note 2.

I have not changed the wifi region from 'GB'.

2. After having used the hotspot in 5GHz continuously for about 3 days, I turned it off and turned on the Wifi.

My Mix1 could then not see any 2.4Ghz wifi channels higher than 8.

After an hour or so, channel 9 appeared, but not 13 where I had a Huawei pocket router running.

So I gave up and changed the channel on the router.

Now 2 days later, the Mix1 can see channel 13 again.

This is really weird.

Anyone else had any similar experience?