play store not working after ota upgrage on siaomi note pro

Jun 18, 2014
I bought a xiaomi note pro in singapore with rom version 17 ten days ago. OTA upgraded to ver 23 rom and ended with all the google applications not working few days ago. Also the phone not stable when I run a app and it closed by itself, done a factory reset from setting, after the factory reset all mmy internal sd card contents and installed application still inside my phone. Today I downloaded google installer from mi market and now my phone was stabled, Google map worked now but still can't access to play store so all my purchased applications not working due to license checked failed. Please help and advices. Thank.

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Today, by intalling stock Google installer came with phone, installed all the google applications, finally gmail, map, facebook, google drive and play store all worked beautifully for me. Cheer!

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