Please adapt Miui for ASUS


Aug 2, 2011
Hi, I've been using Miui for a fair few months now and feel I have grown with it and through its develpment .I recently got my hands on an Asus transformer running honeycomb 3.1,but to my disappointment while using it I realised that I have been spoilt by the amazing functionality of the MIUI system.
My question and hope , is that I can use Miui on the Asus transformer which would allow the device to reach its full potential as it is limited now with respect to miui on HTC 2.3.5...
Which is unbelievable considering the Asus has the latest android software.
Please can the people who make the difference take pitty on my plea and do somthing for me in this regard ....Adapt miui for the asus please.................
I'd like to see it on the TF as well but I can't see it happening. There doesn't seem to be many roms at all for any of the tablets yet. Still love the TF though :)

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Asus is very fast for OTA updates. My rooted TF is on HC 3.2.
But I would love to see miui for TF.

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