Please help: big issue with "intermittent" battery charging XIAOMI REDMI 4 Prime

Nov 27, 2018
Hi Guys,

i am new on this Forum although it's 2 years that i am a happy owner of a Xiaomi Redmi 4
Prime with China FAKE Rom Global Stable and Android 6.
The phone worked quite well for a year and a half and i never tryied to flash the Rom
because i never did something like this and i didn't want to risk to damage the phone.
Six months ago the phone started to show up some issues regarding the battery charging, kind of
"intermittent" recharge and kept going like this for almost a week making the recharge very
difficoult if not impossible. I was going crazy and trying to find out wheter it was a hardware
problem or the battery. After few days it started working again as if nothing happened before.
I used the phone normally for another 5 months and yesterday the problem showed up again in a
even stronger way. The phone yesterday reached 0% of recharge and turned off. Today I've
been able to reach only the 30% of charge trying several cables and switching from electricity
socket to my notebook USB port.
Any help from you guys will be apreciated! I was also thinking to make a backup
and trying to install a most recent version of the ROM but i'd need an updated guide.

Nov 27, 2018
I had this problem. I bought a charging board on ********** and it replaces, so far it is working well.
Thank You very much JoseFrancisco!
I also thought it was and hardware problem but i hoped i coud solve it out upgrading the system, thing i can't do because
my Rom ( is a fake one, from China. Yesterday i wrote to the cutomer care since my phone is still on warranty. Do you
advice me to deliver the phone to the Xiaomi Company (they also have a reparing shop in my country, Italy) since it's still covered by warranty?
or to try to do repair it by myself, trying to buy the charging board online?
Dec 29, 2017
hello friend, same I am 2 years old with my redmi 4 prime, and it has happened to me 4 times, as soon as it happens, what I have done lately, is to connect it and leave it so connecting and disconnecting, without doing anything, and I have seen that when you reach a load greater than 50% the intermittency decreases until you stop doing it, you can spend two days like this and then normal as if you have never failed. I hope I help you, regards
Nov 27, 2018
Gracias Nico,
i agree with your description. the first time i had this problem i solved it in the same way you did.but this time the battery went slowly down to 0% and it was impossible to charge again the phone. Since it was still on warranty i sent it back to the company for repairing. I will keep you updated.
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Sep 28, 2015
Follow these steps, they worked for me

Let your battery drain to 0%
Let the phone turned off all night with 0% battery
With the phone turned off, charge it until 100% and then turn it on