Please help - ROM Install failed and now stuck in orange-FASTBOOT


Feb 19, 2023
I Followed the instructions from here:

Unlocked bootloader.
Followed this section :Installing with TWRP: (ROM Type: Recovery)
Installed TWRP as written in the this link:
(using mAid linux from usb-stick)

Temporary booted from img
Installed twrp on device
rebooted to twrp

tried copying the zip file to device unsuccessfully (adb push command and drag+drop created a 0 byte file on device) so I used the adb sideload command.
it started running but was stopped at 2%.

Now on regular (System) boot I get an orange "FASTBOOT" and stuck there.
I managed to get back into twrp by pressing power-button+volume-up.

What should I do now?
Should I try to find a way to get the zip ROM file to the device and install it form twrp?
Should I get the original stock ROM on device and follow the following guide?

I have a brand new xiaomi Mi11 (Venus).
It came with MIUI Global 12.5.11 Stable and all was done with it is what's written above.
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Feb 19, 2023
Suddenly it let me transfer the ROM zip file to "Internal Storage".

Should I Install it?
if yes - from twrp -> Install OR twrp -> Advance -> Install Recovery Ramdisk OR Other way?


XM12 Tester
Apr 22, 2021
When installing for the first time, "Fermat Data" is necessary for the system to boot correctly.
If you are updating from to, this step is not necessary.
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