Invalid [POCO F2 PRO] MIUI 13 22.1.19 | Gboard lag


Jan 22, 2022
Came from Global and loaded the newest weekly rom using fastboot and I have to say that Gboard is noticeably lagging especially when switching languages. I can't tell if the post about apps lagging in Android 12 is referring to the same issue since it implies the workaround has been implemented in the lastest version.

Some more info:
I'm using two languages with the Gboard English/Greek. Also swiftkey keyboard seems to be working fine for now.
Flashed the rom using the unofficial twrp from manuelbianco and since it wasn't working after installing Android 12, I went ahead and used the XiaoMi tool and completed the automated installation of twrp which seems to be working fine with Android 12 now.

Edit: For anyone that might encounter this issue in the future, turning the System wide font feature off in the developer settings and then turning it back on seems to fix the lag in gboard.
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