New POCO F3 frame frequency


Jun 19, 2021
Hello, can you please explain how we know adaptive frequency in POCO F3, for example, we exhibit 120 hertz but in YouTube, mxplayer free, tiktok > it will be 60 hz all right. But the modern frequency becomes 120 in mxplayer free and tiktok, while 60 hz remains in YouTube. Only full cleaning "Battery and performance" helps, but not for long with time the bug repeats itself. Can I fix it somehow? I like adaptive frequency but it bugs and becomes 120 hz everywhere except YouTube.

This is a bug, should I create a topic with a bug? this problem takes place from the very beginning both on stable assemblies on POCO F3 and on weekly

and yes, sorry that I write to you personally, but I do not want to produce a lack of topic on the forum

I mean that the frequency freezes by 120hz and no longer switches to mxplayer free and tiktok 60hz and has 120hz, whereas in YouTube it works well and without problems. The only way to change this for a while is to clear "Battery and performance" but the bug repeats itself very quickly.

Not in reproach, but for example, on the same miuipro, which is also based on Chinese weekly, this bug never happens, and the switch always goes to 60hz without hanging 120hz everywhere.

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The only and best solution at the moment is root magisk + lsposed module.

1. Flash LSPosed module
2. Install MIUI Performance Saver from LSPosed repository
3. Run LSPosed and Enable the installed miui performance saver app
4. reboot
5. Run the miui performance saver app and set "default screen refresh rate" to 120 HZ
6. Enjoy 120 hz in all apps like camera, youtube, tiktok etc.


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