New [POCO F3] My list of bugs after one month experience with (13.0.3 Stable)


Jan 17, 2022
-Dark mode does not adapt to various applications (like Google Chrome or MI Fit, for example) as the stock one does. And in the native browser it doesn't adapt well.

-When I watch some videos using Chrome, after activating the full screen and turning the phone, sometimes the image is at the bottom left without being able to see it in its entirety, and you have to swipe towards the center of the screen to see it properly. It is not a drama, but is a little bug that there is not on the stock rom.

-FPS droping in various games, such as Smash Legends, Genshin Impact or CODM. In Smash Legends, in fact, the maximum FPS that it permits you in the configuration is 60 FPS, when with the stock one it permited you "no limit" option, if I remember correctly, and reached 120 FPS. In all the games I have set the specifications to the maximum in the Game Turbo.

-In the Twitter app, there is a bug when you copy a tweet: you have to do it about five times to get it copied, unlike the stock rom, where it can be copied on the first time.

-Sometimes the notification bar (and I have also been told in another forum that the control center) becomes transparent when the battery is below 20%. The data that the battery has to be below 20% has been told to me, that is, I had not identified that this occurs precisely when that is the percentage, but I have noticed the bug.

In any case, the rom is very fluid, clean and, in "rest mode", hardly consumes battery, although I'm not sure that using the phone normaly (ie not having the phone in sleep state) saves much battery, at least with my experience of use (social networks, youtube and games).

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