PocoF3/Redmi K40 Stuck on TWRP


Jun 1, 2023
Ok so i have a Poco f3 with Xiaomi EU rom installed. I wanted to install the latest but it kept failing repeatedly in the TWRP recovery.

I flashed the official TWRP from TWRP.me for alioth.

Now, i have the rom installed but TWRP cannot access anything (mostly due to encryption). This is the case even after removing all passwords / fingerprints / face detect on boot. I also noticed MTP mode is not working anymore so i am not able to connect my device to any laptop (tried on multiple laptops with multiple type C cables). The laptop just doesnt detect the phone and goes straight to charging.

I cannot even factory reset (from settings) because this takes me to TWRP and TWRP cannot mount storage.
I cannot flash using MiFlash because the phone doesn't get detected on the laptop in adb/fastboot/recovery mode.
I cannot install any other recovery.

Is my device bricked?