Polish language package.


Nov 19, 2010
I have a huge request. Please make a Polish language pack for MIUI 0.11.19. I tried myself and nothing comes out. Please help. I've already tried all ways and I do not know what I'm doing wrong. Someone take this?

Translated XML files: Polish language XML

Sorry for my English.
I ll try to do it for you later this evening

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Polish translation package is ready and working!

Still there are a lot of strings to be translated since the user didnt translate the appropriate arrays.xml for settings,framework and MMS

Just be sure while translating not to translate the values under the colours.I mean there is a first set of colours in arrays.xml in the Settings folder.Translate the first set.The second must be left as it is (e.gwhite,green,red....#100210)

And at the end of this XML it says when wifi sleeps.Translate again the first set.The other lines are the actual commands.If you translate them you ll get error.

I m saying that cuz you did translate hour format in framework-res/values/strings.xml and now the clock is shown as it should be.I ll fix that in the next package though.

So here is the zip with the untranslated files.Fix them if you want :) http://www.multiupload.com/PJZYMZWB6X
Thanks for the quick reply, the Polish package and the patch. I did not add that I have a Motorola Milestone but I can handle the adaptation of files into it:)

Thanks again, sir:)
So is it working for you fine?
If you re going to translated the remaining XMLs let me know.I ll make then a proper update pack for Desire/Nexus which you will adapt for milestone ;)
I thought at first that will work well. But I do not have bar notifications, by going to Settings error crashes. I think you need to do a special package of Motorola Milestone: (