Poor quality Wi-Fi


Mar 1, 2019
I've noticed that my cellphone can't have right connection, I have 30Mbps of my internet, I always get 8-13Mbps on my Mi 9 with MIUI 12. I used to have 25. I thought it was my internet so making some tests all the devices get 20-30 only on my Mi 9 I get maximum 15Mbps

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May 31, 2019
For reference, when I look at the networking properties with my Mi9, it shows [2.4G/5G]. When I go to the admin functions on my wifi router, it routinely indicates my phone is connected at 2.4G. If I turn off smart connect on my router and set different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 I can maintain 5 perfectly fine. I have no idea why my Mi9 prefers to use 2.4. You might check to see if you have the same issue. If so, you might consider leaving 2.4 and 5 as separate SSIDs.

I'm just too lazy to go through and reconfigure the two printers, 8 light switches, three echo dots, two notebooks, two tablets, and three phones because one phone doesn't want to connect at best possible rate.
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