Possible to remove icon from pulldown


Dec 6, 2010
I don't use the gps, airplane mode and a couple others and was wondering if it was possible. I know they just added the flashlight. I just don't know how to edit the framework. Thanks!

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I had the exact same question. I was told that the best I can do is wait for the ui to automatically rearrange them so that the ones I use most often are on the right.after a few days of using the shortcuts I have the lock, airplane, cpu, and mobile data all the way to the right with the ones I use most on the left

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if you want to accelerate the process, use a switch you want among the first ones "a lot" (the bluetooth and wifi ones are troublesome, you need to wait for bt/wifi to actually turn on), and then lock the phone.

when you go back, it will be rearanged XD

rinse and repeat.