Which xiaomi bloatware apps are uninstalled in EU rom if compared to the stock chinese rom ??


Nov 18, 2023
Recently i came across a very nice deal for a redmi note 12 pro 5g 256gb 8gb with a global stock rom, as we all know it doesn't have a custom eu rom because of it's using a mediatek chip, i intend to unlock the bootloader and root my device with magisk so i can remove the ads, bloatware and unwanted apps running in the background, theoretically it would improve my battery life, but i don't know which apps should i remove using root permission and since xiaomi eu rom did a great job getting of those apps i'd like to know from someone who worked in the eu rom development which other apps i can remove besides .msa / .daemon / .joyose in order to make the stock rom as free as possible from bloatware and data collection apps