Power consumption is high when data and wifi are disabled


Sep 12, 2021
Phone model: Redmi note 8, MIUI 12.0.6 Stable (QCOMIXM) French

Hi everyone,
I discovered something strange today. Usually, data and wifi are activated but this morning, to save battery, I disabled both of them (data and wifi).
This afternoon, I checked the battery consumption, it was much higher than usual (more than 300 MAh in 3 hours).
When looking in the battery app, the power consumption was from "Appareil en veille - Batterie utilisée par la radio", it's written in french, I don't know in english, maybe "Device in standby - Battery used by radio", it's 200 mAh in 3 hours which is much higher than before so I have enabled data and wifi and the consumption has decreased a lot.
I think that is not normal at all. Could anyone explain me how is it possible? I think this is a bug.