Problem with Contact Editing/SMS


Apr 27, 2011
If I create new or edit the phone number of a contact, the custom MIUI interface automatically adds dashes. When I go to send an SMS to one of these phone numbers, it says, "Invalid recipient, can't send message". If I go into my gmail account, I can remove the dashes, then re-sync the phone. The dashes are still visible in the contact list, but when I select the contact for SMS, it shows with no dashes and the message goes through without a problem.

Actually, I can put the dashes back into the phone number from my Gmail contacts page and the SMS will still work on my phone. The problem is only if I create or edit a number directly on the phone.

The key then is that MIUI should not automatically add dashes when creating new phone numbers in the contacts. This problem exists on a few different MIUI roms I've tried.