Problem with Juice Defender Ultimate


Oct 30, 2011
Ive got HTC Desire, running 1.10.21. Installed JD Ult and it switches off at random. Is it a known bug or am I doing something wrong? Reinstalled JD several times with and without reboots in between however the problem persists. Every reinstall costs me settings AND 'learned' Wi-Fi, which pissess me off the most.
Any suggestions? I`d be greatful for any hints, as JD is quite a nice app and I`d hate not having it.
What do you mean saying 'random' ?
Are you aware to the way JD works ? (enables/disables Data&Wifi by scheduled time)
ofc I`m aware how JD works :D

What i ment is that JD switches itself off at random. Sometimes it works for an hour, then after waking my phone, status in JD is set to 'disabled'.
I had exactly the same problem and have a desire (gsm)

It took me a while but I think its something to do with the new kernel. Try the tiamat kernel I found this works for me, now JD works without any issues and I seem to have more memory now! Another symptom I had was music stutter on Power AMP this has also gone...

Hopefully this will help you too :)