[Q] Can't bind email adress to Xiaomi account - SMS code problem


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Jan 12, 2013
Hi all,

I have a problem.
I signed up at Xiaomi with my phonenumber.
I want to bind my emailadress but I can't complete the proces.

First I recieved an email with a vertification code, that's all in Chinese but the code is readable so no problem.

The problem starts with the second step.
They send a SMS with a vertification code but it's all chinese and I can't figure out what the code is.
I translated it, tried the last chinese sentence (this is changing with every SMS :)) but nothing works.

I attached a screenshot. The blue is my email and red is my Xiaomi account number (which isn't the vertification code either)

I hope someone figured this out.

Thanks in advance.

SMS text:
悝申鶝将鶝箝 [my email] 鶝置为小米帐厝 [my account number] 皝宝伿鵻鶝ಝ鶝鵸Ŧ⾝ᨀ瀀栀猀昀渀愀猀砀⸀�