[Q] How can you change the headset input to not use the default miui music player


Dec 9, 2010
Please let me explain.

Currently i'm using the BOSE MIE2 mobile headphones, and the functions work as intended.
However pressing the button on the cord starts and stops the music that is playing in the default miui music player.

Is there a way to change this in letting the functions be used by the spotify app?

Thanks in advance.

try Settings > programs > Default Program Settings > Preferred App. You will be presented with a list of installed music players. Whatever you choose here will respond to headset controls. Make sure to turn off headset controls in other installed music apps.
It's not a MIUI problem, it's Spotify's problem. Send a note to Spotify and ask them to fix their app. They need to register their app with Android as a music player. If they do that, then MIUI will pick it up. I think they need to add a line of code to their AndroidManifest.xml file.