[Q] iOS detail work


Mar 14, 2011
I'm working on an April Fools joke that involves making my Nexus One look and feel exactly like an iPhone 4. I've already got the theming done, and a lot of the detail work (down to writing a widget to mimic the calendar icon). I still have a few things that I haven't quite nailed down how to do (in order of importance):
1) The notification bar. I think I should be able to edit the xml layout file in framework-res.apk to get it to work, but I want to know if there's an easier way. I've got it decompiled already, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone else already has a way to do it.
2) Universal Search. While it's true that I can mimic the functionality with the search widget, I need it to look right too. This means having it full screen, and returning to the last homescreen it was on when you hit the home button.
3) Jiggling icons in edit mode. This one's not really that big of a priority, but it'd be nice if this worked.
The lock screen was easy. I've already got a recent apps bar to come up when you hit the home button twice (QuickDesk helped with this), and I'm eventually gonna change the key bindings so that none of the face buttons do anything except the trackball, which will serve as a home button. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Sounds very nice, I got tired of the slow HTC launcher and I switched to MIUI, it is great, and I love having a iphone theme on the android, sure it's beautiful. And I'm sure that this mod will take the mod to a totally different level. Keep your hard work~~
anyway you could upload that ios like calendar widget? it would be much appreciated!