Random Reboots?? D1 running


Dec 7, 2010
i have an original droid and this rom has given me constant random reboots! about 3 or 4 a day maybe more!! Ive noticed it mostly happens when trying to lock the phone..but it also has happened during a call and just randomly.

has anyone else had this issue with the droid?
and if so any possible solutions? id love to keep this rom its fast! but if these reboots keep happening i might have to dump it :( but thats the last thing i wanna do!!
i have the same problems, and its really sad. I thought it was a kernel issue, but I have tried all of the ones that are tested and working with no luck to get rid of the reboots. Also, last night I ran into a boot loop and had to restore from recovery.

I have no answers on how to fix this, but I hope someone does.

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good to know im not the only one! but yea same here ive tried multiple kernels, and ive reflashed the rom at least twice still running into the same issue.

hope someone finds a fix soon!
i've been having the same issues with rebooting...i turned off my wifi and it seemed to correct the problem. not sure if that is a fix for everyone or not.
I have had this problem ever since I first flashed this version of the ROM. Turning Wifi off does not resolve this issue for me.
I am also having this issue with my Droid Incredible.

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