Rdio app doesn't work


Apr 10, 2011
Using the latest version of miui on an htc incredible. The top section of the rdio app is malformed and the app fc's when trying to play any music. Any advice? This might end up being a deal breaker for me which is a right shame.
I get the exact same behavior on my EVO 4G. The support at Rdio said, "it looks like this (and possibly other non-stock ROMs) aren't completely styling their progressbars. We use progressBarStyleHorizontal (which maps to Widget.ProgressBar.Horizontal in styles.xml). If it doesn't define a minHeight & maxHeight there, it will cause the app to crash when it tries to add that progress bar. You may wish to open a bug with MIUI and/or the theme designer..." http://help.rdio.com/discussions/android/293-force-close-when-viewing-album-or-playlist