reboot depression


Nov 20, 2010
I have an evo 4g and was running MIUI 12.24 and it kept on rebooting on me. I tried latest zendroid bfs and cfs and the kernel posted in the evo section of this forum and all of those did not help the reboot problem. Is there a kernel that will help me run miui with out the rebooting problems or am I s.o.l and never be able to use this awesome rom?
Have you tried a fresh install? I had KB problems and fresh install did it for

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It looks like an overclock kernal...MIUI doesn't play nice with overclocking, but should be plenty fast without it.
I did a fresh install and didn't change the kernel or use setcpu (btw I intend on using setcpu to underclock while screen is off not over clock) and would be fine for most of the day then later it would start to reboot and do it frequently. Should i do a fresh install and use the kernel posted and see how that works? I am using cm6 right now and there are no reboot issues with that but it is not as good as miui so I really want to go back. Or should i just got back to miui 11.19 cuase that was the last one that worked for me?
Did you completely wipe after coming from CM6? If not this could cause the problem.
Yep, I wiped everything while in recovery (data, cache, dalvik cache). I am using amon ra 1.8 to wipe
Flashing and retrying to install miui hopefully this works thanks for the advice i will keep you posted on the outcome.
I had tried flashing using clockwork instead and worked all day yesterday and woke up to constant rebooting this morning. Guys I don't want to have to use another rom :( any other ideas?