Unlock bootloader in new Xiaomi models


Jan 7, 2024
Hello guys, I am new to this forum because I have a problem that has never happened to me when it comes to unlocking the bootloader of my Redmi Note 13 Pro. I have unlocked many Xiaomis over the years but this is the first time I can't do it since Xiaomi doesn't allow it to be unlocked on its new models. The only way I can think of being in MIUI, not in hyperos, (i think) is to pay someone who can unlock it since they have privileges in the Xiaomi community and be able to remove the Chinese rom to install the Xiaomi EU. Does anyone know of a reliable contact who can unlock it for me by paying them?
Please try again.
I have done this many times but nothing happens
Wait and try again or re-add your Mi account and then wait (hopefully) 72 h for unlock.
I had the same issue with same device and many other users aswell since we have this new unlock scenario.
According to the procedure I gave you, my Global Xiaomi 14 is unlocked and I already have the Weekly ROM installed.
My friends also unlocked the device in the same way.
Are you sure you have the Global version?
Did you get permission in the Mi community app?
,european firmware version
is it possible to flash the global version?
The EEA ROM is a global ROM.

Maybe you can check the other question from Gogocar62: " Did you get permission in the Mi community app? "
OK, looks like you have a Global Device.
What matters is the Global version of the device, the installed ROM does not matter.

Try this procedure, or repeat it tomorrow:
- Turn off VoWIFI
- Leave only the SIM linked to the Mi account in the device
- log out of the Mi account on the device
- turn off WiFi
- reboot the device
- turn on mobile data
- Settings > Additional settings > Developer options
- Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging
- Tap Mi Unlock status » Agree » Add account and device » sign in to your Mi account
- On the PC, launch the Mi unlock app > sign in to the Mi account via the QR code
- start the device in fastboot mode and connect it to the PC with a USB cable
- unlock the bootloader.

Use this Mi unlock version
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As I told, wait and try again (and again and again) or re-add your Mi account and then wait (hopefully) 72 h for unlock.

Before expiration I checked that it should be 72 h for me. After 72 h I got the same message (device is not activated). I tried again and again and after two more days suddenly the message switched to that I have to wait 32 h. So for me it was a total of 144 h.

If you go through some forums, Reddit etc. you will find many other users with the same problem.
For this problem a standard unlocking tutorial won't help.
Do not be angry. At rest. Problem is also that you posted in different threads and caused confusion.
@spaceboyagr I think I understand your post better than you understand mine. As I told you, I have gone through the stage of 72 h aswell.

You should approach the problem calmly. If you are tired, leave it be.
What do you expect from us? We can't deliver you suddenly THE one and only solution since we aren't magician. We only can deliver you our experiences.

Since I have the impression that this conversation is not productive and you don't really except our attempt to help, I can't do more for you. I had a similar problem and told you my experiences. It's not in my hand how you deal with it. End.