Redmi 2 Prime Global Developer Rom On Hm2014811

Sep 27, 2016
Im the happy owner of a Redmi 2 - HM2014811, 16 GB, 2 GB RAM. The 4G band my network operator runs is the rather exotic - I'm in EU - TDD 38(2600) and this phone has it.

Im running as we speak the official Redmi 2 4G Global Stable ROM - Version: V8.0.1.0.KHJMIDG (MIUI8), KitKat based.

Question1: Is it possible to flash the official Redmi 2 Prime Global Developer ROM, Lollipop based?... I'm asking this because i want to preserve the native LTE bands of the phone, not losing the TDD38(2600). As seen on gsmarena, the Prime version is dedicated to the indian market - and the LTE bands are quite different, but that info may be or may be not accurate.

Question 2: If yes, should I use recovery or fastboot method, as the actual ROM is KitKat based and the Developer ROM I want to flash is Lollipop based?

Question 3: Will I feel a lack in performance, considering the phone has 2 GB RAM?

I asked the same questions on the miui forum, but I hardly got an answer related to the first question.
Jun 9, 2017
I've tried on my Redmi 2 2014811 successfully, but it is the official MIUI by Xiaomi. (Redmi 2 Prime Lollipop ROM)
Slight performance drop, but I think that is because I have too many apps running.

Use recovery method, that's what i used.

As such given that the ROM is similar to stock, I recomend you go for it.