Redmi K20 Pro form AliEx with Global Rom, What to do???


Sep 11, 2019
Hello everyone, my first post here, i wanted to ask a few questions about k20 pro.

I just got my k20 pro from aliex with "Global Rom" which is not official(i think because i ordered the phone on 16/08) and for the moment it has MIUI Global 10.3.1 and the OTA update is MIUI 10.3.5. so is it safe to update?Is this an official Rom?

Also by using the app AIDA64 i checked the device code name and its Raphaelin, which isnt the official name from what i have seen here which is Raphael, can this bring problems if i flash a new rom???

Do i really have to lock and unlock the bootloader again in order to flash a new Rom??

Can i flash a Rom using this method(

Thanks in advance.


Aug 4, 2019
Better not. You need to lock&unlock, cause in 99.9% chances you got china version with indian ROM installed with some strange china sellers magic. Get rid of that as fast, as could. More you are waiting, more you ll wait for relock&unlock =)