New [Redmi Note 4G] Keyboard crash when selecting correct form of word

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    Sep 3, 2014
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    Problem description: a Redmi Note 4G which was first fastboot-flashed to the latest English/Chinese firmware and then normally flashed to V21.0.0 multilang. The phone is configured to operate in the Greek language (el). The following issues were found, when the user utilizes the dictionary in order to correct a word :

    * When using facebook messenger and while typing in, when a mistake is made the user selects the correct word. Not always, but in many times, the application crashes to the MIUI home screen.

    * When using Viber, in a similar scenario, selecting the correct form of the word the user is thrown to the Viber main message screen.
    In the logcat the error appeared around 10:23:34. Device details are as follows:
    build.board: MSM8226
    build.bootloader: unknown
    build.brand: Xiaomi
    build.cpu_abi: armeabi-v7a
    build.cpu_abi2: armeabi
    build.device: dior
    build.display: KVT49L
    build.fingerprint: Xiaomi/dior/dior:4.4.2/KVT49L/KHICNBH21.0:user/release-keys
    build.hardware: qcom zc-miui-ota-bd33 KVT49L
    build.manufacturer: Xiaomi
    build.model: HM NOTE 1LTEW
    build.product: dior unknown
    build.serial: d3*****0
    build.tags: release-keys
    build.time: 1416545052000
    build.type: user
    build.user: 4.11.28
    version.codename: REL
    version.incremental: 21.0.0
    version.release: 4.4.2
    version.sdk_int: 19
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    Sep 3, 2014
    Trying to attach my logcat text failed for some reason ("there was a problem uploading your file"). ZIP'ing the file failed too. I have uploaded the logcat at

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