Invalid Redmi Note 8 MIUI (Android 11) Bug: Textra/Messaging Apps Could not Detect SIM Cards


Feb 2, 2021

For more than five years, Textra has been my favorite texting app in Android.

However, it cannot detect my two sim cards individually and thus cannot send a text message, but can receive texts.

I'll show screenshots.In the first screenshot you can see that Textra doesn't recognize to which sim card I have received the message and from which sim card I will send the message. However, in the default messaging app from MIUI 12, the sim card can be detected.

This is really frustrating for I cannot use Textra, and I want to use Bubbles in Android 10. I have down resetting the app and uninstall the app and reinstalled it, and make it the default messaging app, and some restarts, but did not work.

AND: Google's Messages app also suffers the same. Only MIUI 12 Messaging app is working right. Pls help.

My EU ROM is a clean install.


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