Regarding the Mi 6X and the Mi A2!!


Feb 20, 2019
Due to all the misinformation spread by the press, a lot of people in the community seem to believe that the recently announced Mi 6X is going to be made into an Android One phone, the Mi A2 and so it's only natural to call the Mi 6X by that moniker and refer to them as one.
The problem is, such model does not exist. This idea is based on a chain of assumptions, without any remarkable rumours or confirmation from Xiaomi.
The Mi 5X came out in July last year and Xiaomi released the Mi A1 later in September. The Mi A1 was based on the Mi 5X, their dimensions and most of the hardware are the same but the software is completely different and the phones aren't compatible with each other. The 5X, codenamed tiffany, runs MIUI while the A1, codenamed tissot, comes with stock Android, just like any other device in the Android One programme. Running one model's software on the other requires porting (custom development)Sunderland to Rhu by car
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