Repartitioning Of Mi2s

Nov 17, 2013
Hi All,

I finally found an easy way to change the partition of the Mi2S:
It's repartitionizing the Mi 2/2S Through Fastboot Flashing, and combines the system storage and internal storage.

But does anyone know if it is possible to install the xiaomi.eu_multi_aries ROM after doing that and keep the single partition?

I sincerely hope so!
Nov 17, 2013
It's old... A lot of people already did it (also I and my dad with our Mi2s).

Miui is compatible with both partitions layout ;)
OK, obviously i'm doing something wrong. when I put the phone in FastBoot the PC Suite doesn't recognizes it anymore. When phone is switched on normal boot it DOES recognizes it... ?!
ROM: 5.9.24

I tried another pc. that one does recognizes it :) strange... driver issue i guess.

But now the next problem occurs... the betaROM download takes for ages! and keep failing: can't flash device.
Is there a mirror site so ik can flash it myself?

Or is there another way to make 1 partition? another ROM? clockworkMOD?
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