[REQ] iOS 4/5 Like Features?

Aug 28, 2011
MIUI is the ULTIMATE custom rom!, I would've had an iPhone if I didnt have miui! but I just request some changes in MIUI just to stay being a part of Android/MIUI. These changes are features of what makes an iOS so fun an simple, just what makes it a complete success.

The iOS 4 App-Switcher!

Double click the home button to open the App-Switcher. Theres a free app on the market called Perfect Task switcher, but it doesnt show proper icons, it only open with 1 press of the home button and it's in the middle of the screen!

The Notification System!


I know this is a Huge request, but I am very sure the Miui community will love it!
I hope you put this in mind. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING !

The leader of Cyanogen Mod was hired by Samsung, so we're hoping for parts of Miui on the Galaxy S! (I'm not sure about this though)
Aug 19, 2011
android has a task switcher.....and it's actually true multi-tasking unlike ios. Hold the home button and it'll pop up.

as for the notification system, why would you want that, ios's notifications are far too interruptive
Jan 21, 2011
for the task switcher downloa QuickDesk from the market > click home button and select your launcher..then double click on home bottum to get into QuickDesk, then delete the four shortcuts, and then go into QuickDesk settings > Appearance Settings > Background clock\alpha > and slide the slider to the left and then select.. and then enable the "Always show " option..and its perfect..