[REQ] More Launcher Transitions


Jul 26, 2011
I looked and did not see anywhere I could find more launcher transitions.... I know on CM and others that you could change them but I was wondering if someone could change or add some transitions?
Or if someone could point me to the files where the transitions are? I looked but have no clue what they were or where they were lol
I would like to know where they are also... i have looked but cant find them lol
Or even better, if someone knew how to edit the xml's properly maybe they can add some more or replace existing ones with new ones? lol
for me the transition effects when opening and closing an app is the most annoying thing about miui. it lags like hell.
+1 vote for more transitions effects.

Also, another thing that should be added to the transition settings and is transitions speeds (scrolling speeds between main windows). We should have option to control the speeds (low - medium - fast) for example.