[REQ] Xperia Keyboard


Apr 22, 2012
Device: Lt18i
I copied the xperia keyboard apk (textinput-tng.apk) into the /system/app of my MIUI 4. But the keyboard FCs whenever i select it. I dont know if i need to change any permission settings. I found another thread on XDA, (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1706482), but i did not understand what the guy meant by changing the permission to 644. Also they are talking abt the stock xperia ICS rom.

Can someone pls help me make this work?
Just put this apk into miuiandroid lt18i 2.6.29 rom. When you install zip again the right permissions will set automatically.


You can connect your phone to pc and run adb shell.

Then: chmod 0644 /system/app/your-apk-file.apk

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