New Restrict chain start bugged since 21.10.20


Jan 14, 2020
Since the latest weekly, apps such as edge screen, that I've been using since time immemorial, are broken. You now have to allow the chain start execution for each app. Say I want to launch Gmail, as per the screenshot attached the permission will pop up and it's a matter of tapping allow and it supposedly will work fine from now on. But if I want to launch a another app I will be asked again to allow such, but this time the permission pop up is broken. Stays below the screen as per the screenshot attached. Unless i reboot the phone, i can't get the windows to show properly. And you might say alright, just reboot once for each and every app you need to launch via chain start, bite the bullet and keep on going. And you'd be right, except after a while those permissions reset, and i have to enable chain start for each and every app all over again, having to reboot after every instance since the permission window is bugged.
This wasn't happening on the previous weekly, and i hope there is a fix incoming. Or maybe just a way to disable "restrict chain start" altogether, since now it pops up even by clicking links on a browser if you're supposed to directly use an app to open them.


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Oct 26, 2016
UPDATE: Lmao, I just received an update to 13.0.11 and issue is now resolved.

Love the team!


BUMP. Facing this issue on my Poco F4 STABLE 13.0.10

Will always re-appear as mentioned above as OP said, after a reboot and setting it to yes pre-reboot.

It belongs to the privacy part of settings (Network interception)

But I agree. We need a setting to manage the notifications!


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