revert to stock MIUI chinese deodexed theme


Mar 20, 2011
hi everyone,
I just installed the last Mark Huk english version avaiable of MIUI (1.3.25) on my N1, but this time I installed first only the chinese deodexed version, and then, after been using it for a while, I flashed the english pack avaiable on this site.
But...Going through various menus and screens (e.g. the top bar when you long-press an empty space on the launcher, or the dialer, or the trash bin for apps, etc.) I noticed that Mark Huk has changed some graphical elements (mainly what I've written in brackets the line before) that I really prefer in the original standard chinese way.

So, there's a way to revert to the 'stock' look of MIUI but leaving the texts in english? Why when translating, Mark Huk and his team change the overall look of the rom?

Thanks in advance,
Hate to break it to you Leonard, but that what the Chinese are going to make the ROM look like in the coming weeks. Mark and wowthatisrandom just emulated the new UI that the Chinese are implementing right now.