Invalid Ringtone/Notifications "Error"


Sep 2, 2019
Hello folks, I know this might sound generic and that it was answered before, but this is not the usual "I'm not getting notifications" thread.

Hear me out. The notifications work but they have no sound, when I go to 'settings > sound&vibration' and try to select a ringtone and/or notification all I get is a toast message saying just "ERROR" and nothing else, upon restarting the phone the notifications sound comes back and work, I can even select again but shortly after they go "mute" again and stop working.

I'm not sure what causes this and I already searched for a similar behavior here, on xda and reddit and didn't quite found any thread similar, which makes me worry this is a not a bug and specific malfunction of my device? is even that possible?

Just to be clear is just the Ringtone/Notifications sound that doesn't work, the speakers are a fine and everything else is working.

My phone is a Redmi Note 7 Global and I'm on the lates 9.9.3, can someone tell me if this have happened before to someone else? is this a software bug? Or do I somehow have a faulty device?

Here is a short video showing the error.

Here is a Logcat.
For the record I have finally found a solution after I have tried a different bunch of ROMs, this problems happens in every ROM based on MIUI, ROMs Like Havoc or PE are fine.

Apparently the official xiaomi ROM, the and the MIUIMIX all have this google app installed called 'Sound' and of course the first time you open the playstore it will ask to update it, and for some reason this update just break the sounds for Ringtones/Notifications, my guess is some sort of conflict between the miui theme app and the google sound app. So in short after a clean install just don't update the Sound app and everything works fine.
I have problems but not for all.... but for a specific messaging app, and that Pulse.
I have used Textra, Google messaging and others, they all have message tones when receiving new ones. but with Pulse. no matter how I tried reinstalling it.
it just wont play tones when receiving messages. it just vibrates. i already tried clean install of ******** rom, still no go.
tried uninstalling updates for the so-called Sounds app from Google LLC, still no tones.

what seem to cause this? its only for the Pulse SMS app. and no other apps.