ROM modification (remove preinstall_apps)

Jun 7, 2013
Hi there,
I am newly registered here. Just got myself a 2nd hand S3 to learn more about Android.
Been quite fun. Tested a few ROMs althought didn't enable all features.

I tried to search for terms like bloatware, preinstall, etc on here and also xda-developers forum but mostly they end up in the description of a ROM rather than a full tutorial.

I noticed that the ROMs released here are usually with removed preinstall_apps under the 'data' folder.
What i can see is under 'Data' -> there is preinstall_apps and with a reinstall_apps file.

But in ROMs that I find from the official MIUI, there's a bunch of apps there.

What I would like to learn is what is the proper process of taking a ROM and subsequently removing these preinstall without making the ROM unbootable?

Ideally i would like to do this once for a MIUI ROM which I will obtain from and test the preinstall removals myself. Could it be as simple as removing all the files under 'data'??? and then re-zip?


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Aug 20, 2011
I don't fully understand what are you going to do with those apps but we remove them because they are chinese crap.
Jun 7, 2013
Oh - i completely agree. I guess this might be a silly question anyway but I am trying to or would like to learn how to remove them by myself! :)
Is it as simple as deleting the folder with the apps or there's a lot more to work involved :)
That's why I personally would like to try for myself d/ling the original from miui and then having a go at them :)