rom ota?


Jun 17, 2018

nouveau sur la rom hebdomadaire Je voulais savoir si la mise à jour de la ROM sont à Ota?

Je vous remercie
sorry, it's a mistake :


new on the weekly rom. I wanted to know if the update of the ROM are at Ota?

Thank you
Hey no problem :) Currently the latest version available is the 8.5.17 but will resume in a week or so with the release of the MIUI 10. If you already have XIAOMI.EU ROM installed on your devices, I blevieve you should be able to receive the next update through OTA as normal.
I don't get any Ota updates. Not with miui 9 and not now on miui 10.
I now download the file and install it in the updater app...
Anyone any idea on how to get Ota back?