Samsung Droid Charge


Feb 15, 2011
So I am about to come into one of the Samsung Droid Charges for free and was wondering if it was possible to install MIUI on this phone? Would really suck if I couldn't, but I couldn't turn down the dual core, brighter better screen, and 4g abilities. I will still have my Incredible as a backup but I really want to install MIUI...I have grown to love this rom and install the update every week to see whats new!!

Any thoughts?
nobody...guess thats not a good thing...maybe I should reverse course to the thunderbolt? I believe I still have that option...cause i don't know if I am willing to give up MIUI
I too love MIUI and got a Droid Charge free from VzW.. comming from a DINC I would love to see MIUI on the DC.

Anyone? I would be willing to help out.. Time to do some searching!
try too and see if anyone there can help. i haven't seen many new phones ported lately, kind of disappointing
After trying MIUI on my old DInc for the first time last night, I like it a lot, but I don't see it available for my Droid Charge.

I would like to contribute to the development but have never been involved with Android ROM dev yet. I do have fairly advanced linux skills but to get started on Android ROMs, it will be nice to start as an experienced devs assistant. I don't know who's working on this, but if you think my time could be of any use to you, please let me know.

@pentafive, were you able to find anyone who's working on it?