New Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 LBE Guard problem - Can not grant root permission

Mar 16, 2012
I've got this problem since the new LBE Guard has been added to the MIUI rom. I installed the newest version today, wiped out all data but the problem is still here. Root permission can be granted, but file explorer application - like ES File Explorer, X-plore, Root Explorer, etc. - can not reach the system folders, for example the data folder. I had no problems with the older LBE Guard, but i have with the new version.

Actual MIUI version: 2.7.6
Phone: Samsung I9100 16GB
Apr 18, 2012
Same for me. I thought it was this week. As alternative, I removed root using Extweaks and then reinstall the root again. Basically the permission grant is using superuser app.

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Aug 10, 2011
same here
do the following
install SuperSU from market and estrong will work again
i dont know why the use this lbe sec apk instead of superuser.apk...
is it possible to remove that app completly before flashing and add superuser.apk? instead?does someone know?
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Apr 18, 2012
It's very odd that you still have this problem.. I only had those problems as mentioned in the bug section, but after flashing the fix posted there, I've hadn't any problems whatsoever. Not in last week's update nor this one.

Check this thread also:
The point is that miui china still didn't fix it correctly. It is true now there is no reboot, but the FC during asking permission is still there.
I'm pretty sure if I apply the fix in the thread that you have mentioned above, LBE will work again. But I'm right now using miui china and if I replace any apk, it will have different md5 checksum which will break OTA update next week. I like the OTA update with only approx. 5 MB instead of 230 MB each week.

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