Samsung S4 or HTC One

Apr 19, 2013
Hi guys,

I am looking to switch to an android phone from current iphone and I would love to be able to use the miui rom. My dilemma is whether to get the HTC One or Samsung S4. Phone hardware aside, which one do you guys foresee getting MIUI support first? I am not a super big fan of the Sense 5 or the touchwiz so I will get whichever one gets MIUI first.


Scripting Ninja
Staff member
Aug 20, 2011
Get HTC One. Has better materials than Samsung. Or wait for MI2S. You will get MIUI support for long time and S600 Snapdragon like in One (but smaller screen).

Wysłane z MI 2
Jul 9, 2011
I have samsung galaxy S4 i9505 in hope Miui will release it soon 2.... as far as i know they released for all the galaxy Smartphones a MIUI version... cant wait to get my fingers on a miui rom for SGS4 i9505. I hate Touchwiz so mouch... and im neither a big fan of Sense... but im pretty sure there will be a miui version for i9505 since Chainfire already released a CF-Root for that phone im pretty sure he will port it as soon as possible to SGS4... atleast i hope so.